About Us


What we do?

When it comes to you finding the best WordPress website design, First Choice is a great choice for many reasons. For one, we do website design that is on the cutting edge. Whether it is implementing responsive web design (RWD) solutions or proposing the best design themes for your website, the team at First Choice is a top rated WordPress Developer.

We love to code websites with special bells and whistles to them, while keeping the WordPress plugins up-to-date and relevant to your needs. In addition to creating some amazing looking WordPress websites, we can also create mock ups, wireframes, prototypes and one-page websites as well.

First Choice has a team of very talented developers who can guide you in your journey to have a successful, yet functional WordPress website that will also get you many complements for the functionality, ease of use and style of your site

How We Do It?

How We Do It?

We code our web pages using CSS, Javascript and HTML from scratch. We enjoy tapping the power of open-source frameworks like Bootstrap and Knoxkout JS to make the WordPress web pages very dynamic and appealing to those who our web pages on mobile devices, laptops and desktop computers. We use the latest versions of the WordPress CMS and tap the power of the WP developer community to add a level of security to our clients’ websites.

We rely on the talents of our developers and designers at First Choice to provide clients with the right types of WP website design themes to fit their needs. We can add widgets to the site to give a clients’ website a unique look and feel that well also help webpage visitors use the site efficiently.

Why We Love Working With B2B Businesses

At First Choice, we love to work with other businesses that are real “go-getters.” We have the right type of staff that can bring out the best in our clients by helping them choose the best solutions when it comes to website design and web development.

In fact, many businesses are not aware of the “latest and greatest” WordPress website design techniques that can add more value to their businesses by boosting search engine rankings. That’s why we look at all facets of a website project before immersing ourselves fully into a project with businesses in a B2B relationship.

Why Choose Us?

First Choice is a company that has been in business for over 7 years. Because of the length of time we have been doing website design and development, we have the credentials to really help our many clients get things done. Here is a list of what we can provide to our clients:

The best news is that we have plenty of experience working on all phases of a website design project. We can look at your old website pages to guide you on how new WordPress web designs can give your business a lift.

Contact our talented staff at First Choice today to take that first step to giving your website domain a fresh new life to maximize your online presence.